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Incorporate the coastal chic trend into your flooring for 2024


Coastal chic interiors are all about incorporating the colours, textures and muted tones associated with a beach house and is a trend which remains a firm favourite with interior designers.


Think light airy spaces achieved through embracing natural materials and blues, whites and sandy neutrals to add a beachside vibe to your living space.


When it comes to flooring, Alex Heslop, Trend Expert from Flooring Superstore, gives their expert advice on the ways you can ensure your flooring encompasses this popular style.

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Perfectly hued-blues

“Ahead of picking your colour palette for your living space, think about the colours you see when at the beach or by the sea. It’s all about embracing muted tones and avoiding bright colour contrasts – off-white, blue and sandy tones are a great starting point.


“Vinyl flooring is a fantastic way to experiment with colour and patterns, bringing a contemporary touch of the seaside to your living space, which works particularly well in bathrooms. As well as it being versatile, durable, low-maintenance and cost effective – there are no end of design options to choose from – to suit every living space and sense of style.”


Get the look:

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Incorporate natural materials

“A signature of the coastal chic trend is incorporating natural materials into your décor. Think rattan, rope and, when it comes to your flooring – weathered wood, for a relaxed and airy beachside feel.


“Light oak is the go-to choice for achieving this look as it offers an easy-going aesthetic. Opt for floorboards which have all the knots, grains and characteristics of a rustic, weathered wood. Smaller wooden planks or parquet add extra interest and design detail.”


Get the look:

Flooring Superstore’s Solid Wood Flooring in Park Avenue Chevron Silk Grey Oakprovides a perfect mix of beachside charm and modern elegance to give an airy ambience to any living space. £59.99 per square metre.

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Ashy tones

“Ashy and cooler toned floorboards go hand in hand with the coastal chic vibe and also help to maximise light, making your living space feel brighter and more spacious. The distressed finish adds authenticity to your beach-side theme.


“While this look can be achieved by treating hardwood, either with whitewashing or bleaching your floorboards, opting for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is a fantastic, fuss free way of achieving this aesthetic. These days, it’s often hard to differentiate LVT from the real deal and can often be more cost effective, as well as offering additional features such as waterproof properties, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.”


Get the look:

Flooring Superstore EvoCore Flooring in Shoreline Grey Oak blends greys and sandy hues to brighten any interior. 100 per cent waterproof, this premium flooring is sure to stand the test of time. £49.99 per square metre.

Alex Heslop, Trend Expert
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