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I’m a paint expert; here’s 7 ways to remove paint odours from your home

Summer is almost here, and due to the better weather, many decide it’s time to tackle some of the DIY jobs around their home. Less rain means fewer delays and warmer weather allows for a more pleasant environment for completing tasks.


When it comes to painting, a factor that annoys most people is the odour that is left over once a paint job is completed. These fumes can cause breathing difficulties in the household and linger for several days.


So, I, Joshua Houston, Garden Expert at Household Quotes have revealed seven ways to remove that nasty paint odour from your home.


1. Ventilation

Closed doors and windows keep in those toxic paint fumes, open both to allow air to flow. Over a period of time, you will start to notice the odour becoming less and less as it escapes out of your home. This can take between two and three days, it may take longer depending if the weather is good enough to keep your windows open. 

In the meantime, stay out of the recently painted room, and avoid breathing in any of the nasty toxins. 

2. Use low VOC

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, paints with high VOC emit more toxic fumes into the surrounding environment. These are harmful if inhaled, especially for children, pets and those with breathing conditions such as asthma. 

Low VOC paints not only ensure healthier living conditions but are also more eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint. They are a similar price to standard paint, so don’t let the thought of it breaking your bank put you off.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is something that is found in most household cupboards, but what many don’t know is that it’s an excellent absorber of smells. Pour the soda onto several different plates, and then place them around the room that has been painted. Leave it for 24 hours, then dispose of the baking soda appropriately. You should begin to notice a fresher, more neutral smell.


This technique can also be used on carpets and sofas. Sprinkle baking soda, then leave it for 24 hours before hoovering. It will prevent bad paint odours from getting into soft areas of your home, replacing a carpet or sofa can be costly.

4. Air purifier 

Air purifiers absorb bad smells, before pushing out clean filtered air back into the room. You can switch them on as soon as you begin painting, this will minimise the amount of paint fumes left over once your paint job is completed. They can cost well under £50, so are a very affordable piece of machinery for the average person.

5. Charcoal

Similarly to baking soda, charcoal is another natural absorber you can use to get horrid paint fumes out of your home. Place plates of charcoal around the painted room, before leaving it overnight to work its magic. Charcoal is very affordable, it can be picked up for as little as £10.

6. Candles

Another solution is using candles to overpower the foul odour. Light a few candles around the room, and allow it to get to work. Make sure to check the candles regularly to avoid the risk of a fire. Candles are easy to get hold of and can cost from as little as under a pound.

7. Invest in an electric fan

If you’ve had your windows and doors open for a few days for ventilation, but that paint odour is still there, then add something to encourage movement. An electric fan is an excellent way to get paint fumes out of your home. Place the fan in a position where it is aimed towards a window or door, then switch it on. This should push any leftover odour that is refusing to budge.

Electric fans can be picked up second-hand for less than £10, keep a close eye on Facebook Marketplace and other second-hand selling sites.

Joshua Houston, Paint Expert at Household Quotes:


''Painting is one of them long jobs that you regularly have to keep up with to ensure your home looks fresh. The smell it leaves can be frustrating, as you've done the hard bit and now you want to organise your newly painted room.


These tips will allow you to regain normal access much more quickly. They will also help against potential health problems that could arise after being exposed to paint fumes for a long period.''

Joshua Houston, Paint Expert
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