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Afina by Christian Haas:  

A commitment to minimalism 


Focusing attention on the essentials, eliminating the superfluous – minimalism is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Afina captures this concept perfectly: the new collection by Christian Haas and Villeroy & Boch adds a relaxed and discreet touch of elegance to everyday life. The details: sophisticated lines combined with a delicate relief on brilliant white Premium Porcelain. A perfect example of understatement in its most beautiful form.  

An impression of weightlessness  

The most striking aspect of Afina is its shape: the raised rim creates an exciting silhouette that shows the modern coupe shape in a completely new light. The unique positioning of the base causes a fascinating shadow effect that makes the porcelain almost appear to float and adds an exceptionally vibrant note to the table.


The effect is emphasised by the deliberately classic colours. The brilliant white porcelain conveys the relaxed elegance of Afina particularly impressively. The concept is also reflected the delicate relief which decorates different areas of the individual items in the collection: the concentric rays, on the outside or inside, on the top or bottom of the pieces, blend into the background colour and are more perceptible to the touch than to the eye.  “With the Afina collection, I wanted to create an object for a world that is becoming increasingly digital,” says Christian Haas, describing his work. “Afina is a tactile experience with an exceptional design. The relief, the raised rim and the exciting flowing shape add a sensory experience to everyday life. At the same time, the exceptional shape of the plates, a completely new design, gives the porcelain a floating appearance.” 


Premium Porcelain made in Germany  

Afina is not just a design innovation, the collection also calls for special production expertise.


“The design poses a huge challenge in production and I am very happy that Villeroy & Boch has succeeded in bringing my vision to life,” says Christian Haas about the cooperation. Fine made in Germany Premium Porcelain ensures that Afina meets all quality requirements and is exceptionally durable. The result is a complete collection for every occasion. Its timeless simple elegance makes Afina ideal for special occasions as well as for everyday luxury.  

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