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  • The National Association of Property Buyers estimate they add between £3000 and £5000 to the value of your home, while another study from Rivervale Leasing found homes with an EV charger were on average worth £50,500 more.

  • The Government’s ZEV mandate requires that all new cars be EVs in 2035 - meaning it will be a lot harder to get a charger installed in the late-2020s and early-2030s when everyone will want one at once.

  • Getting a charger makes it easy for your friends or family to visit you who have an EV, and makes your home more attractive to rent out as an Airbnb.

EV charging company Cord is eager to lift standards across the industry with its hassle-free standard installation plan for EV chargers.


The company was set up after its founders saw the poor service so many new EV drivers experienced when they went to book a home charger installation, with wait times stretching out into months, complicated self-assessments of their property, and an array of extra charges added on.

This has undoubtedly contributed to the shocking 217,000 EV owners Cord estimates have no home charger installed.


Cord addresses this by offering a simple standard installation that comes with everything nine out of ten new EV driver needs, including:

  • An in-person survey and installation from their UK-wide network of qualified electricians.

  • Surge protection, cabling, and testing.

  • A 7.4kW single socket Type 2 charger compatible with all EVs produced since 2018.

  • Compatibility with off-peak tariffs and connectivity through WiFi and 4G.

  • Control through the Monta charging app.


Halfords have been so impressed with Cord’s ability to make the entire installation process hassle-free that it has selected the company as its exclusive home changing partner.

Cord co-founder Paul Tomlinson commented:


“When I bought an EV I thought the hard part was over - but it had just begun. Getting a charger installed was a massive headache, with a complex self-survey, a long wait-time from my provider, and an array of hidden costs I hadn’t expected. Far too many drivers see these hurdles and don’t bother - sticking with painfully expensive public charging or the slow three-pin plug charger that comes with their car instead. We started Cord to change that.”


Product details:


  • Cord’s One EV charger costs £999 including a standard installation and free professional survey.

  • Nine of ten installations are standard and any extra work required is not undertaken without a clear quote and consent from a homeowner. 

  • All customers are eligible for a full refund if they decide partway through the process an EV charger isn’t for them.

  • The average wait time for a standard install is just two weeks.

  • Chargers come in black or white and can be mounted to a wall.

  • Standard 7.4kW type 2 charger works with all EVs and is compatible with off-peak tariffs from energy companies.

  • Chargers are IP65 rated and connected to the Manta charging app by 4G and WiFi.

  • All installations come with surge protection, up to 30m of internal cabling, and testing.

  • Three year warranty included, five-year warranty available as an option.

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