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Arcana Tapestry Blankets

Arcana’s range of tapestry blankets feature British ecosystems and every piece comes with a dedicated, printed Nature Connection Guide, with information about the species featured and about the inspiration and origination of the work.


The exquisite hand drawn and woven cotton tapestry blankets and cushion covers are designed by British artist Ria Mishaal.


Arcana's mission is to awaken a stronger interest in nature by embellishing the everyday with beauty and meaning,  transforming homes into havens with heirloom woven blankets and cushion covers, sustainable fine art prints and gallery  embroidered patches.  

Our collections are infused with the 3 things we are most  passionate about: nature, education and art.  

Our blankets are woven from 75% recycled cotton, 20% spun cotton and 5% polyester that is required in the recycled cotton  portion to retain its strength.  

All the colours you see are woven from just six colours of threads, which can be seen in the 1.5 inch fringing on the edge.  


Two edges show the colours, two show black and white threads.  Each sof tapestry blanket contains over 8 miles of yarn.  

Because the blankets are woven, every one is reversible, showing diferent colours on the back.  

The Art Tapestry Blankets are made in small batches from recycled cotton, which requires less water and produces less carbon dioxide than virgin cotton. They are woven using the best sustainable and ethical practices on Jacquard Looms, by highly skilled weavers in a small family business. They are machine washable and have different patterns on each side and range from 137 x 101 cm to 213 x 157cm.

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