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Period Property Renovation
& Home Audio and Video

When doing up an older home, retaining original features is always important. However, many homeowners still want to enjoy some modern luxuries without ruining the classic design of the property. A typical TV can be clunky and unsightly in an older property, so a stylish home projector provides a great alternative. It only needs to be bought out when in use and can easily be stored away, to avoid cluttering the traditional style of an older home. 

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Tex Yang, VP of Global Business at XGIMI


“When styling a period property, retaining original features is a key consideration. This being said, many period property owners still want to enjoy modern luxuries, without ruining the classic architecture and design of the home.


“TVs can often be clunky and unsightly in an older property, feeling out of place. A projector is an ideal solution as an alternative to a typical TV that allows for an immersive viewing experience when needed, all while retaining traditional features of the home.”


The World’s First 4K Long-Throw Home Projector with Dolby Vision

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  • 4K with Dolby Vision: Experience unparalleled brightness, exceptional color accuracy, and premier image quality for a true Dolby Vision theater experience.

  • 2300 ISO Lumens: HORIZON Ultra features ultra-high brightness plus lifelike color, providing incredible image detail morning, day, and night.

  • Dual Light Technology: Pairing LED and Laser technology, HORIZON Ultra delivers the ultimate color accuracy, brightness, and color gamut for a visual experience you’ll never forget.

  • Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0: Our upgraded ISA technology smoothly optimizes projector environmental adaptability, easy usage, wall color adjustment, optical zoom, and other ISA features like never before!

  • Dual 12W Harman Kardon Speakers: Combined with DTS Studio Sound Technology, HORIZON Ultra’s two full-range built-in speakers provide three-dimensional surround sound and the unforgettable theater experience you deserve.

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