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Seven expert tips for keeping pests away

As Summer draws nearer, so does the risk of our homes or places of work being infested by unwanted pests. They can cause damage to personal belongings and physical health if not addressed properly.

Pest control is a way to eliminate infestations or general pest problems inside your home or any of your properties. However, this can leave you with an expensive bill so you must do everything you can to keep pests out.

With that in mind, Joshua Houston, Pest Control Expert at Household Quotes has revealed his seven tips on keeping pests away from your property.


Seven expert tips for keeping pests away


1. Secure your bins

Bins can be a meet and greet station for potential pests, they’d thrive feeding off leftover pieces of food. Ensure that your bins are secure and can’t be blown over in the event of bad weather. Make sure the bin lid is fully closed, as any open space will be taken advantage of by pests.


2. Seal the cracks

One of the ways pests get access to your property is through the cracks in your walls, or under garage shutters. Inspect your building to ensure that your walls are fully sealed. If you have a garage, buy seals and install them under the door to prevent pests from entering.

3. Don’t leave food out

Make sure to throw away or properly store any leftover food. Pests are attracted to resources, and you leaving them a free meal might as well be a free invite into your home. Clean your surfaces after eating, and give your kitchen floor a good mop. Whilst cooking, avoid having the outside door open, the food may attract pests. 


4. Regular cleaning

Give your home a regular thorough clean. Pick up rubbish and scrub surfaces and the inside of your cupboards. An untidy home won’t necessarily attract pests, but an uncluttered home allows you to more easily spot the signs of their presence. 


Invest in a good quality hoover if you don’t already have one, these will make sure that those little insects hiding in your carpet are dealt with properly. As if they’re not, nests can be built resulting in deep infestations inside your property.

5. Good ventilation

Poor ventilation in rooms can result in dampness and mould growing on the walls and ceiling. This makes a perfect breeding ground for insects and harmful organisms that can multiply very quickly. Ventilation allows air to flow, reducing the risk of dampness and mould, and therefore a pest infestation.


6. Flea treatment

One of the ways pests can get into your home is through your pets. Cats and dogs are particularly vulnerable to carrying fleas, these can then transfer onto your carpets or bedsheets if you’re not careful. So check your pets regularly for signs of fleas, and provide the appropriate treatment. 

7.Call the experts

If you’re particularly worried about pests in or around your home then contact an expert. They will be able to deal with any pest problems you may have, or might simply put your mind at ease letting you know you don’t have a pest problem.


Joshua Houston, Pest Control Expert at Household Quotes:


‘’Pests are a real nuisance, and if allowed can take over your entire home. If you are unlucky enough to experience a pest problem then get it sorted quickly. This will give you the best chance of saving as many of your possessions as possible.


Take my tips under careful consideration, implementing them into your life could save you from an expensive pest control bill.’’

Joshua Houston, Pest Control Expert
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