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Colour drenching: How to incorporate your floor

The popularity of the colour drenching interior trend is showing no sign of slowing down.
Flooring Superstore

It’s a technique which involves saturating a room with one dominant colour, and is a fantastic way to create and calm and immersive living space. But what is the best way to incorporate your flooring into a colour drenched décor in 2024? 


Alex Heslop, Trend Expert from Flooring Superstore shares their expertise on how to factor your flooring in to truly maximise this growing interior trend.


Create a bold combination


“For those who prefer to take a maximalist approach to their home, there really are no rules to follow. Go with the colours and patterns that spark most joy, whether that be pastels, warm earth tones or vibrant greens and incorporate them into your walls, ceiling and skirting boards for maximum impact.


“Rather than opting for a flooring which blends into your colour drenched aesthetic, choose a bold contrast to make it a real feature and focal point of your space.Vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring choice for experimenting with wild and wonderful colours and designs. As well as it being versatile, durable, low-maintenance and cost effective – there are no end of design options to choose from – to suit every variation of colour drenched decor.”

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£14.99 per square metre.


Pair bold colour with minimalist flooring


“Colour drenching can create a calm and relaxing living space as stark colour contrasts are avoided with the use of one leading colour. Balance the splash of colour with a complementary, minimal flooring in wood or wood effect, to enhance the tranquil feel of the space.

“For the ultimate in style and durability – look no further than Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT). Recent advancements in technology mean it’s hard to distinguish many from the real thing, so you have the minimal, Scandi-style aesthetic of traditional wood flooring with the added longevity which wood effect can offer.”

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£29.99 per square metre.


Complementary colours


“For those looking to go all out with a colour drenched décor, why not carry this on through your flooring? Matching a flooring to the shade of your wall décor will deliver a strong sense of continuity and calmness. 


“This can work particularly well in smaller spaces such as bathrooms to really open up the space, particularly with lighter, neutral colour palettes.


“For a pared back version of this, opt for complementary colours a shade or two lighter – this will add a sense of coordination and calmness while providing differentiation between your walls and floors.” 

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£39.99 per square metre.

Alex Heslop, Trend Expert
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