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Search data reveals the top 10 most Googled questions on flooring

 A new floor can give a room a fresh new look and feel, however, the selection and installation process can prove quite complex, putting a lot of DIYers off.  Thankfully, the internet is here to help, with many of us turning to the web when we require assistance. 

Liam Cleverdon, the Flooring Expert at Flooring King has analysed Google search data to uncover the ten most commonly searched questions on flooring and shares expert advice to provide answers to each query. 

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1. How to lay laminate flooring? - 3,700 monthly searches

The top Googled flooring query is "How to install laminate flooring," with an average of 3,700 monthly searches. Liam Cleverdon shares the correct technique used by professionals to lay laminate flooring.

Liam states: “Safety gear such as goggles, knee pads, ear protectors and dust masks are essentials when laying laminate. When preparing, ensuring the subfloor is both level and as clean as possible can make the installation process much simpler.

“Once materials have been gathered and the subfloor has been prepped, the laying can begin. Starting from the corner of the room, attach the boards and make sure they click together.

“This procedure should continue with 8-10mm of space reserved between the board and wall to allow for expansion. If needed, a handsaw or jigsaw may be used to trim the final boards to create a good fit.” 

2. What is LVT flooring? - 2,300 monthly searches

With an average of 2,300 monthly Google searches, ‘What is LVT flooring’ is the second most Googled question on flooring.  

Liam states: “LVT is short for Luxury Vinyl Tile which is a collection of individual tiles that, together, give the impression of real wood, tile or stone flooring. LVT is popular as it comes in a wide variety of different patterns, materials and colours, giving DIYers more freedom over the refreshed look of their rooms. 

“Another positive of LVT flooring is its durability while replacing sections is a fairly simple process due to the way the tiles are individually laid. Sub-categories of LVT include; glue down LVT, rigid core and loose lay.”

3. How to lay vinyl flooring? - 1,900 monthly searches

Moving on, the third most popular flooring question on Google was, ‘How to lay vinyl flooring?’ this particular query racked up almost 2,000 monthly searches.

Liam states: “The vinyl must be left in the room of choice for 24-48 hours in order to acclimatise to the humidity and temperature. Once the preparation is complete, unroll the vinyl and cut it to the size of the room. I recommend leaving 15cm of leftover material in case DIYers run short.

“Following that, begin to lay the vinyl, following the room’s main light source. Finally, fitting skirting boards around the room can apply a neat look to the room. Mitre boxes and saws are worth keeping around if you plan on adding skirting boards.”


4. How to clean laminate flooring? - 1,400 monthly searches 

Interestingly, cleaning tutorials were popular searches when it came to flooring with ‘How to clean laminate flooring?’ receiving 1,400 searches.

Liam states: “When cleaning laminate, DIYers will need a microfibre mop, cloth, white vinegar and a foam sponge. A vacuum should also be used to hoover up any loose dirt or dust.

“Use a damp microfibre mop to scrub the remainder of dirt stains and dust, but be careful on how much water is used as too much moisture can instigate a warping effect on the laminate flooring.

“White vinegar and water can be utilised to treat any scuffs or stains that won’t be removed through mopping - a foam sponge is useful for this stage of the cleaning process. To maintain the cleanliness, I suggest cleaning this flooring type daily.

5. Most common mistakes when laying laminate flooring? - 900 monthly searches

Next, designers were keen to avoid common blunders with ‘most common mistakes when laying laminate flooring?’ totalling 900 monthly searches on Google.

Liam states: “Some of the most common mistakes made by designers when installing laminate include failing to prepare the subfloor, resulting in long-term issues to the look of the floor, making it look uneven and messy.”

“Another common grave error is forgetting to leave gaps for potential expansion between the flooring and the closest wall. This can result in the joints unlocking or floor lifting over time.

6. How to cut laminate flooring? - 900 monthly searches 

Cutting laminate can be a tricky task and if done incorrectly could stop the installation process before it even gets started, that’s why it was no surprise to see queries such as ‘How to cut laminate flooring?’ receive 900 monthly searches online.

Liam states: “To cut laminate, leaving room for expansion, mark the cutting line with a pencil before also marking the end of where the loose board meets the already installed board. To guarantee a straight line, a carpenter square can be used.

“Then, place the laminate on the saw, lining up the blade with the marked cutting line. Ensure that the blade goes through completely and stops before removing the laminate. A 220-grit sanding block can then be used to smooth edges.”

7. What is engineered wood flooring? - 600 monthly searches 

With an average of 600 monthly searches, DIYers were keen to learn more about specific flooring types as ‘What is engineered wood flooring?’ ranked as the seventh most popular flooring question.

Liam states: “Engineered wood flooring is a floor that consists of multiple layers, bonded together to create a durable floor. The layers are made up of hardwood at the top and then plywood and softwood at the middle and bottom.

“It’s a popular floor choice as it's cheaper than solid wood flooring, it is also easy to clean and install. It is, however, more prone to denting and scratches in comparison to other flooring types.”

8. How to lay herringbone flooring? - 600 monthly searches

The eighth most googled flooring question related to the flooring installation process - ‘How to lay herringbone flooring?’ ranked with an average of 600 monthly searches.

Liam states: “When laying herringbone flooring, it’s important to prepare the subfloor, making it as clean and level as possible. Next, install a moisture barrier perpendicular to the flooring before marking the centre point of the room.

“Begin to lay the flooring, starting in the centre of the room and working outwards. Glue the tongue of the first board and lay it in the groove of the second board and continue for the entirety of the first row. For the next row, alternate planks to create the herringbone look. It’s always a good idea to refer to fitting instructions with herringbone flooring as it’s a little trickier than planked flooring”

“Repeat the steps until completion, leaving gaps for expansion and installing a shoe moulding to complete the process.”


9. What is parquet flooring? - 450 monthly searches

It was intriguing to see designers turn to the internet to learn more about the specifics of particular flooring options. ‘What is parquet flooring?’ received an average of 450 monthly searches on Google.

Liam states: “Parquet flooring is a wooden flooring type that is installed by arranging slats in repeating patterns. Parquet is hardwood, meaning it has similar qualities to solid-hardwood flooring in terms of durability and performance. 

“Installation can be a lengthy process due to its complex patterns, however, it is extremely durable and comes in a variety of styles and colours.”

10. How to clean LVT flooring? - 400 monthly searches 

Finally, ‘How to clean LVT flooring?’ received 400 monthly searches on average as DIYers aimed to find a quick and easy cleaning method.

Liam states: “Lastly, to clean LVT flooring, use a vacuum to clean up any debris or loose dirt found on the floor. Following that, damp mopping with a microfibre cloth can aid in freshening up the LVT flooring. 

“The cleaning process is similar to that of laminate flooring. As LVT can be scuffed easily, I recommend avoiding dragging furniture across this floor type, rugs can be utilised to protect the flooring.

Liam Clevedon, the flooring expert at Flooring King said:


“Overall, it’s extremely interesting to see the different types of advice sought after by DIYers on the internet. In particular, it was intriguing to discover many people using the internet for installation and cleaning tutorials. However, it’s incredibly important to ensure those embarking on a new floor are taking advice from trusted sources or qualified professionals to avoid disappointment.”

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Liam Cleverdon, Flooring Expert
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