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Safes and home security

WOLF, well known for its premium jewellery boxes, safes and watch winders. Combining tech innovation and style, The Den is the newest addition to their safe range.


The Den features four patented WOLF watch winders and patented intermittent rotation programmes. This safe is adaptable to your home, it can be hidden in a dressing room, wardrobe or office.

From £4,139.00 The Den here. 

The Den safe has a vegan leather covered exterior and features four patented WOLF watch winders with storage space above including a Vault Tray with removable 3-piece watch tray. The door of The Den opens and locks with a biometric identifier or keycode. 

All four winders are preprogrammed to 900 Turns per Day, bi-directional with a 10 second start delay, featuring patented intermittent rotation programmes with pause and sleep phases. The Den can be anchored through 2 pre-drilled holes in the base and an additional 2 holes provided through the back of the safe. 

The Den gives you flexible, safe and secure storage for your watches and valuables.


The Atlas is the ultimate in security for your watches, jewellery and valuables. The Atlas safe can be configured for as many winders and drawers as you need. The Atlas 12 Piece Winder Safe. £35,699 here.


Atlas safes range from £19k to £42k.

The ultimate in security for your watches, jewelry & valuables. Forged in American steel, UL tested and certified for burglary & fire, the Atlas is an impenetrable fortress. Painted steel polished to a mirror finish, drawers lined with LusterLoc™ treated fabrics that stop tarnishing for 35 years. Watch winders are controlled by WOLF’s Bluetooth connected App. Control one or all winders at the same time.


Atlas. The world-class choice.

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