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6 rules to decluttering, according to a pro

Tackling your wardrobe declutter might seem like an impossible task, but experts have revealed a simple trick to help make the chore a breeze... 


Retailer House of Fraser has partnered with decluttering experts, Hayley Harrison and Gemma Abraham from Organise-d, who advise: 

To ensure your wardrobe stays organised over time, the experts suggest using a clever trick: “Once you've sorted through the items in your wardrobe, hang all your hangers in the same direction. Every time you wear something, twist the hanger so it’s on the opposite side. Check-in every three weeks and use this as a visual marker to see what you’ve worn and what’s been untouched - this will help to highlight the items that need to go.  

“Another way to keep your wardrobe in good shape is to operate on a one-in-one-out policy, making sure to select fewer but well-thought-out pieces that will work hard. Overfilled wardrobes can be overwhelming and stressful, so pair it back and have a selection of beautiful coordinating items that build obvious outfits.” 

The experts continue to share other ways to keep your wardrobe clutter-free: 

1. Start with goals and intentions  

Hayley and Gemma say: “Whether you’re decluttering to make space for new items or looking to refresh your style, being clear on what you want out of your wardrobe space will help to inform the decluttering. To make sure you dedicate time to do it, schedule a decluttering slot in or break the chore into smaller sessions if you’re short on time.” 

2. Use the detox method   

 The experts continue: “Once you’re clear on what you want from the process, the detox stage is key. Go through every item in your wardrobe and split it into five categories; Keep, Maybe, Donate, Sell, Textile Bank. 

“To do this, we recommend working your way through your wardrobe in categories of items. For example, sort through all coats, then dresses,trainers and so on. This will help you see clearly which categories you have multiples of, helping you to narrow these down. For example, if you have several white t-shirts, it might be time to clear out any tired ones.  

“If you’re struggling to part with an item, consider asking yourself: 

  1. Is the item loved?  

  2. When was it last worn?  

  3. How would you wear it in the future?  

“For anything that makes its way into the ‘maybe’ pile, try these items on and scan the rest of your wardrobe for any coordinating items that could be worn with these pieces.” 

House of Fraser

3. Map out your wardrobe to maximise space 

Once you’ve done the detox, you’ll be left with the items you will love and wear.  

The experts advise: “To help keep items in your wardrobe really visible, map out your wardrobe space by categorising your clothing into departments (coats, jackets, dresses etc), and then colour block within those departments to help you see what you have got easily. This not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also save you time when getting ready.  

“Use slimline hangers to keep jackets, tops and trousers in place, making sure to avoid wire hangers as they can cause your clothes to lose shape. Remember to ensure that long hanging space is saved for trench coats and dresses. Save drawers for underwear, nightwear, swimwear and gym wear. Chunky, heavy knits that could stretch on hangers should be folded onto shelves.” 

4. Store seasonal items away

Whether you share your wardrobe with a partner or you’re looking for ways to create more space, Hayley and Gemma suggest: “Where space allows, we would always recommend removing seasonal items from the main body of the wardrobe by packing them away in a damp and moth proof storage bag. Rotate your wardrobe as the seasons change to create more space - plus it means you get a brand-new wardrobe each season.


“For holiday wear, create a box to store these in to pack away, outside of your wardrobe. Realistically, you won’t reach for these items all year round, so separating these out could help to create more space in your wardrobe. 

5. Don't hang bags from a hanger 

When it comes to returning items to your wardrobe, the experts at House of Fraser advise: “Don’t hang handbags on the back of a hook or hanger in your wardrobe as this can cause the chain or handles to lose shape. Instead, place them on a shelf in the wardrobe or a flat surface, away from direct sunlight to prevent the material from fading. To reduce discoloration or marks, make sure your bags are separated from one another and not touching. 

“If you’re tight on space, store each handbag in a box - just make sure to check up on them every few months to check for mould, mildew, cracking or other signs of deterioration.” 

6. Finish with these final touches

Hayley and Gemma add: “Once you’ve done your clear-out, clean the entire inside of the wardrobe and chest of drawers before replacing items. If you keep shoes in your closet, you might find a build-up of dirt and debris at the back and in the corners so make sure to wipe this clean.  

Before you add items back inside, remember to add moth protection to protect your clothing. Hang a scented bag on one of the hangers to keep the wardrobe smelling fresh.” 

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