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Expert-Backed Guide Reveals Proven Strategies for Adding Home Value in 2024


With UK property prices projected to dip by 4% this year, the imperative to enhance property value has never been more pressing. Homeowners and investors facing a dynamic UK housing market can now access a unique guide packed with exclusive insights from leading industry experts. Created by The Bespoke Sign House, the guide aims to help homeowners protect their property value and discover ways to increase its selling price through smart renovations.


Staggering Statistics, Expert Solutions:


The guide explores compelling statistics that highlight the potential return on investment for strategic renovations such as:


• A third of homeowners in 2024 are renovating to increase resale value (Property Wire).

• Well-maintained gardens can add up to 20% to property value (

• A fresh coat of paint could add nearly £30,000 to an average UK home (Finspacegroup).

Insights Translated into Actionable Steps

Offering a comprehensive roadmap to maximising property value, trusted experts including Mortgage Advisors, Kerb Appeal Specialists and Architects,  provide nuanced advice rooted in real-world expertise. The guide’s exclusive access to expert wisdom translates into  practical tips for homeowners, enabling them to:


  • Strategically Plan Renovations: Understand the most effective areas to invest in for maximum return on investment, whether it's upgrading the kitchen, enhancing kerb appeal, or adding sustainable features.


  • Navigate Market Uncertainty: Gain insights into how to adapt renovation plans to current market conditions, ensuring that renovations align with long-term property value goals.


  • Prioritise Budget-friendly Upgrades: Discover cost-effective ways to enhance property value, from DIY deep cleans to strategic furniture rearrangements and minor fixture upgrades.


  • Enhance Energy Efficiency: Explore options for incorporating energy-efficient upgrades that not only reduce environmental impact but also appeal to eco-conscious buyers.

Snapshot of Expert Advice Included in the Guide: 


"Think of your property's exterior as a handshake for potential buyers. A well-kept, inviting exterior hints at meticulous care inside, potentially fetching higher offers and quicker sales."


"A stylish, functional outdoor space with eco-friendly touches ticks all the boxes for modern buyers, boosting kerb appeal and property value."


Founder of The Bespoke Sign House Kristian Goodenough says “ 


"We created this guide because we know from experience the difference small changes can make in enhancing a home's appeal. We've seen how clever touches can elevate a property's value, and also believe in the power of firsthand knowledge from industry experts. Our goal with this guide is to empower homeowners using trusted professionals in the field, offering practical tips and strategies."

10 Ways to Add Value (on a budget):


The guide also offers practical, budget-friendly tips for unlocking your property's potential, from DIY deep cleans to upgrading light fixtures and bathroom fixtures.

 Kristian Goodenough, Founder

Images by The Bespoke Sign House

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