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Helena Clunies Ross Bathroom Designs

Helena Clunies-Ross

Helena Clunies-Ross Design is a New York and London-based international design studio specialising in luxury residential, hospitality and commercial design. 

This studio’s latest projects range from gut-renovations and re-designs of townhouses, apartments and stores in Manhattan, to new-builds in Long Island and The Hamptons, as well as remodels and historic restorations in London, the south of France and the Hollywood Hills. 

Helena is seeing an increase in her clients requesting spa-like experiences for bathroom designs, and she is transforming residential bathrooms into wellness areas.  Aesthetically, articulating the moods of relaxation and serenity has surfaced a few design trends for 2024 and for her in particular. A majority of her clients are asking for “organic/natural” and “contemporary/modern” aesthetics as expressions that fit the wellness vibe. Patterned tiles are reigning supreme as a flooring choice, and large-format tile and slab surfaces—which minimise grout—are the most popular shower wall options. 

Hotel Spa Bathroom Concept 


This hotel spa bathroom concept features a light natural stone to enhance clarity and a clean aesthetic with its smooth lines. 

The process of creating this meditative and healing space involves crafting the bath by hand from Carrara marble; carefully selecting slabs from the quarry and cutting them to size to reduce visible seams. Preserving the stone's inherent beauty in this way allows the eye to travel uninterrupted around the space, instilling a sense of tranquility and flow. 

Spa Bathroom Designs by Helena Clunies Ross-1.png

Marble mirrors extend behind the vanity, elevating the space's height, and complement the elegance and softness of the linen curtains that add to the sense of serenity and calm. 

This concept was later used for a residential project in the West Village, New York. With creamy tones and black accents, the master bathroom of a 19th century townhouse — built by Stephen B. Peet in 1845 — was transformed into a sleek and sophisticated haven of harmony and zen. 

Hotel Spa Bathroom Concept 

Bathroom Spa
Hotel Sauna & Powder Room Concepts
Powder Rooms.png


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