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Laura Jane Clark supports launch of ‘game changing’ hup! building system

Architect and interior designer Laura Jane Clark from BBC’s Your Home Made Perfect is supporting the launch of hup!, a groundbreaking new building system, which is revolutionising how homeowners approach home extensions and conservatory conversions.


Recommending hup! for its ability to help homeowners quickly and easily add modern, energy-efficient, and sustainable extensions to their home, Laura is working with the designers and manufacturers of hup! to show homeowners that they can create new, bespoke living spaces within a matter of weeks, or even days.

Laura has a passion for maximising and reconfiguring the footprint of a home to help people create properties that meet their different demands, whether that’s additional storage solutions or amazing socialising spaces.

Speaking of the hup! system, Laura said: “For homeowners, hup! is completely game changing. I’m often working with people who ask how they can add an extension or rebuild their unuseable conservatory in the most efficient way possible, and hup! is definitely the answer.


Laura Jane Clark

“The quality and level of detail is extremely impressive – from the engineering of the panels which make it extremely quick to build and energy efficient, through to how easy it is to add the finishing touches, which offer homeowners complete design flexibility. There is nothing that hasn’t been considered, and it takes away so many of the headaches associated with a traditional extension.


“One of the ways I can really see hup! coming into its own is the level of flexibility homeowners will have with their design. For me, I’d love to see homeowners using the design capabilities to create a beautiful flow throughout their space, which is complemented by lots of natural light. Think about where to place doors and skylights to maximise the views from different angles in your extension through to the garden. Thanks to the slim hup! walls, homeowners will get so much more usable space, too.

“hup! will make getting sustainable, energy efficient, hassle free and beautiful home extensions so much more accessible for homeowners – plus they can be built so much faster than traditional building techniques. What’s not to love?”

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the hup! system has been created by Ultraframe, the market leader in extension and roofing technology. Since the company was established in 1983, over two million Ultraframe roofs have been installed on homes across the UK.  


Alex Hewitt, marketing director for hup!, said: “We want to transform the way people extend their homes and update their old conservatories, and we believe hup! will trigger a revolution in that direction. We’ve partnered with Laura Jane Clark because, just like us, she wants to ensure that every homeowner has a space they can love, that works hard for them and makes their home special. She understands exactly how adding clever, bespoke spaces can change the way you live, and in particular, the role that natural light has on our comfort and wellbeing – something we’ve always championed and is engrained in our history. We’re looking forward to working closely together with Laura, to help people across the UK create their dream home.”

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