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New building system revolutionises home extensions and conservatory refurbs

The way that home extensions and conservatory conversions are built is being revolutionised, thanks to the launch of a brand new building system which makes projects easier, faster, less stressful and more sustainable. 


Dubbed ‘the future of home extensions’, hup! consists of a patented, lightweight wall system that is compatible with a choice of five roofs – including flat, sloped, and vaulted designs – all of which can be customised with rooflights to flood the room below with natural light.


hup! walls, along with windows and doors in any style can be placed anywhere in the design and externally, any wall finish can be used – including brick mesh, render, or cedar, to offer homeowners complete design flexibility. Most hup! builds are watertight in just two to three days and as cement isn’t required, building can continue in any weather – even heavy rain or low temperatures.


The hup! system is five times more energy efficient than the average UK home, allowing homeowners to create warm, comfortable living spaces. The system is also 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall, and has zero waste in production or on site, making it one of the most sustainable ways to build an extension.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the hup! system has been created by Ultraframe, the market leader in extension and roofing technology. Since the company was established in 1983, over two million Ultraframe roofs have been installed on homes across the UK. The hup! system is fully Building Regulation compliant and has been pre-approved by independent Approved Inspectors.
Ultraframe has curated a national network of hup! builders to guide homeowners through the project from start to finish. Meanwhile, the clever design software removes the requirement for an architect or structural engineer, saving money and making it as simple as possible to add a hup! to your home.
Alex Hewitt, marketing director for hup!, said: “There are a whole host of issues and delays associated with traditional extensions and conservatory conversions, including the impact of unpredictable weather, confusion around Building Regulations, a shortage of skilled tradespeople, fluctuating material prices, and more.


“The hup! system is revolutionising the way extensions are built because it enables homeowners to completely avoid these key worries which might put them off starting a project. As hup! isn’t impacted by weather delays and the entire project is undertaken by one small team, hup! is five times faster to build, meaning what would usually take weeks or months will take days or weeks.
“Where previously, homeowners with an old conservatory only had the option of updating the roof, with hup! they can completely transform the space, with walls, windows and doors placed wherever they choose - with hup!, there is complete design flexiblity.

"As the panels used in hup! walls are 100mm slimmer than a traditionally built wall, homeowners will also gain additional ‘free space’ versus building with brick which allows them to unlock additional value in their home. Plus, with hup! there is no cutting required on site and so with far less mess and disruption during the build compared to typical extensions, homeowners will be able to achieve their plans without the usual associated stress and upheaval in their home and garden.


“The hup! system is sustainable and thanks to its incredible energy efficiency will help to keep energy bills low. Another huge bonus is that the price of a hup! doesn’t fluctuate once it’s been designed in our software, which really helps homeowners to manage their budget with confidence.


“Whether they’re wanting to create a bigger kitchen, add a playroom or home office, or simply bring extra light into their property, our ambition is to change the way people extend their homes and convert their old conservatories, and now, thanks to hup!, we can. Unlike anything else on the market, hup! really is the better way to build.” 


The Ultrapanel technology used inside hup! has been independently and thoroughly tested, assessed and approved by the BBA for use in UK housing products. Ultrapanel passed the BBA’s evaluation in the areas of thermal performance, structural performance, condensation, fire and durability. Not only is the Ultrapanel technology in hup! walls BBA approved, but hup! is also manufactured within a state-of-the-art BBA approved factory.

Alex Hewitt, Marketing Director
Images by hup!

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