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Collections By Nulty Bespoke

Custom luminaire specialist launches its first range of handcrafted luminaires.

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Renowned custom luminaire specialist, Nulty Bespoke, has launched its first ever range of handcrafted glass chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces.

Collections by Nulty Bespoke was inspired by the studio’s most successful commissions, Perla, Planetary, and On the Wing, and explores the beauty of organic forms through materiality, colour, and illumination. Each collection has been curated around the original design narrative and encompasses new iterations of the original creation, along with a palette of finishes that allow pieces to be individually tailored to a scheme.


The Perla collection is an ode to the delicate form of an oyster shell - an organic reference that comes to life in the shape of an oval glass shade, with a soft light source at the centre representing the inner pearl.

The artistry of the piece lies in the subtle interplay between tonality, pattern, and light. Each shade is hand spun by a specialist glass maker to create a mosaic of colour and white frit, a detail that is unique to each piece and deftly enhanced by a glow of light at the centre.

The Perla family includes the original branch chandelier, along with a new drop pendant and decorative wall sconce. The shades are available in three nature-inspired colourways - Earth, Violet, and Ocean - and can be further customised by selecting from a range of frame and cable finishes.


Unapologetically restrained, Planetary takes its cue from the ethereal hues and contours of the planets. The design is distinguishable for its balanced proportions and cloudy diffused glow and comprises three circular glass discs, arranged in a graduated format to bring a sense of depth and contrast to the overall aesthetic.

The hand-spun discs are formed when pigment is dropped into the glass during working to produce a swirling milky effect throughout the material. A concealed LED light source positioned at the centre of each glass element, emanates light across the disc and emphasises the opacity of the glass.

Planetary is available as a pendant design featuring a static drop rod, or alternatively as a new wall sconce option, which distils the design down to its purest form to accentuate the intricacy of the glass.

On the Wing

On the Wing is the most poetic piece in the range and replicates the gracefulness and fluidity of a murmuration of starlings in flight. Originally designed as a theatrical centrepiece for a sweeping staircase, the composition features multiple hand-formed glass birds, which are suspended from the ceiling to create the illusion of a flock of birds flying together as one.

Each glass element is hand pulled when the glass is still molten to produce a shape resembling a bird’s wings, then dipped into water to achieve a crackled effect that purposefully catches the light and evokes a shimmering effect throughout the surrounding space.

On the Wing is available in a range of compositions, designed to complement both staircase and dining table settings.


Michael Sillitoe, Design Manager, Nulty Bespoke comments;


“The relationship between light and materials is the focus of our practice. It informs our thinking and gives us the scope to create luminaires that resonate on an aesthetic and emotional level. Each piece in the new series is truly unique because of the way that light has been used to highlight the individuality of the glass elements and bring something imaginative and unexpected to the design.”

The Collections by Nulty Bespoke range will be handcrafted in the UK by the brand’s skilled artisanal partners, to ensure that every luminaire adheres to an exceptional level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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