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Shine Bright in 2024:
Tips for embracing the metallic interior trend

By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore   


Metallic tones have long been small inclusions in interior design, but they will have a bigger impact in 2024. In fact, Pinterest Predicts has revealed that metallic tones are going to be a striking trend to look out for this year. 


From warm golds and rich bronzes to sleek silvers and industrial coppers, metallics add a striking touch to any living space. 


If you want to infuse a dose of metallic magic into your home, here are some tips to incorporate them into your interior décor… 

Start small 


If you're new to metallics, begin by introducing small accents to your existing colour scheme. Consider metallic throw pillows, vases, or picture frames to add some shiny interest to your space.  


These subtle touches can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the space.  For added interest, look for metallic pieces that have a unique design – this could include an organic shape, unusual texture or a pop of colour.  


These smaller décor items allow you to experiment with different tones and find what resonates with your style. 

Mix your metals 


Gone are the days of strictly adhering to a single metallic finish. In fact, opting for just silver finishes can make a space look cold and clinical, while only gold tones may leave your home looking more like a palace. 


This modern design trend encourages the artful combination of different metal tones. Experiment with a blend of gold, silver, and copper accents to create a warm and inviting home with visual interest. 


To prevent the space from looking cluttered and incohesive, consider a base colour palette that you’d like to stick to.  

Choose impactful lighting 


Incorporate metallic tones into your fixtures to make a bold statement.  Whether you add in brass wall lamps or a dramatic silver statement piece, light fixtures are an easy way to incorporate this trend into your home.  


Larger pieces can serve as focal points in your rooms, anchoring the metallic theme throughout the space. Light will bounce off a shiny, chrome light fixture, making this an ideal option for darker rooms. 

The Lighting Superstore

Warmer tones, like brass and gold, are ideal for creating a cosier atmosphere in your home. These tones also suit a variety of interior design styles. Whether your décor is more traditional, modern or somewhere in between, brass and gold tones can blend in seamlessly. 


Balance natural elements 


Balance the sheen of metallics with natural elements like wood, stone or bamboo. Incorporate wooden furniture with metallic accents, or choose metallic planters to showcase greenery. This contrast creates a harmonious blend of textures and tones. 


Warm metallics like gold and brass look great with warm natural elements such as wood with reddish tones while cooler metallics like silver and chrome can pair well with whitewashed wood or stone. 


For additional texture, be sure to have a mix of shiny and matte metallics. This will prevent the space from looking too uniform.  

Add a glimmer to the walls 


While opting for a shiny, metallic wallpaper may seem a bit too dramatic opting for wallpaper with a sheen to it adds depth and texture to walls.  For larger spaces, grasscloth wallpaper with a metallic tint will add an incredible luxe look to the space, without overwhelming it.  This will also look wonderful when the lights are turned down, creating a wonderful glow around the room.  


For smaller spaces, like a guest bathroom, don’t be afraid to play with more dramatic patterns. Bold prints with metallic foiling will create an extra wow factor to transform a traditionally dull space into one that all your guests talk about.  

Matthew Currington, Technical Director
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