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8 Affordable Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring is finally around the corner, hopefully bringing warmer and brighter weather to the UK and what better way to celebrate the end of a long, dark winter than to decorate our homes.

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager at Essential Living has shared 8 affordable ways to prepare your home and help you embrace the fresh, spring vibe throughout your home.


1. Swap out your wintery soft furnishings 

If you don’t feel like re-decorating your whole home, you can simply refresh parts of the home with seasonal accessories. A few brighter, more summery furnishings will give your home an instant spring refresh. Spring and summer are great seasons to incorporate more prints, bright colours and stripes throughout the home.

2. Fill the home with spring florals 

Nothing transforms a room more than a fresh, colourful vase of spring flowers. Tulips, which are said to signal the arrival of spring, are a beautiful and colourful option. Daffodils are also a popular spring flower to incorporate into your home. Their vibrant yellow colouring lightens up any room and breaks the dark and cold spell of winter.

3. Declutter your home

Spring is the ultimate time to declutter spaces and improve storage. Go through each room in your home and see what you can get rid of. Chances are you have a tower of Tupperware boxes you are not using as well as several out-of-date shower products that have been shoved to the back of your bathroom cabinet.


4. Add Greenery

The extra light throughout your home in spring makes it a great space for some greenery, real or faux. House plants are an easy way to bring the outside in, and look beautiful in the sun, giving a spring/summer vibe to your home. Spider plants are a brilliant option as they remove carbon monoxide from the air as well as being pet and child-safe.

5. Move your furniture around

Throughout winter you may have had your house laid out in a certain way due to not using certain areas as much. For example, you may have had a sofa blocking your patio doors out to your garden. Rearranging rooms in the home is an affordable way to change the look of a room entirely and freshen up your space. 

6. Take advantage of outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of outdoor space, you should take advantage of it. Add a nice seating area where you can enjoy family time or unwind after work. With the weather warming, it’s time to tick off any of the jobs you might have neglected over the cold winter months such as mowing the grass and cutting back the bushes. Spring is the perfect time to make your outdoor space a pleasant place to sit once again.

7. Lighter Rooms

Spring is the perfect time to give your walls a fresh lick of paint. When spring comes, so does the sun. It’s a time when your house goes from being dark and cold to light and warm. To get the most out of the new season, you may want to re-decorate your walls in a colour more appropriate for springtime, think warm neutrals, pastels and fresh greens. 

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh lick of paint on both the interior and  exterior due to more sunlight hours and mild temperatures (not too cold, not too hot). 

Not only this, if you paint the exterior of your home during the spring, you’ll be free to enjoy both your new colour and your outdoor amenities right as summer begins.

8. Update your artwork

Giving your artwork a seasonal update is a quick and easy way to switch up your home from season to season. Rearrange your gallery wall or reframe some pieces into brighter, spring-coloured frames. You could also move a statement piece into a new room. If you do want to buy new prints, you could look for more colourful, spring and summer-themed pieces to welcome in the warmer months.

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager
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