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How to create a cosy bedroom


By Matthew Currington, Technical Director a

The Lighting Superstore 

Searches for ‘cosy bedroom décor ideas’ have skyrocketed on Pinterest, with many looking for inspiration on how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


In fact, over the past month, there has been a 10,000 percent increase in searches for ideas for bedroom décor.  

Here are some top tips on how to achieve a cosy and inviting space…


Add ceiling decor 


If you spend a lot of time getting cosy in bed, then it’s important to not forget the ceiling when decorating too. Add some charm to your bedroom by hanging decorative elements from the ceiling. Consider suspending a few lanterns or glass orbs filled with LED string lights. These ceiling decorations will draw the eye upward and infuse your space with a touch of enchantment. 


You can also create interest above the bed by opting for a canopy. This can be easily installed with just one hook over the bed. Alternatively, consider adding a curtain rod to the wall above the bed and draping a lightweight fabric over the bed.

Change up your lighting 


Changing up the lighting in your bedroom is an easy way to add instant warmth to a space.  


Opt for a few lamps dotted around the space, rather than stark, overhead lighting. While overhead lighting is great for dispersing lots of light, lamps are a better option for making your space feel warm and inviting. 


Or, if you’re on a budget, swap out your current light bulbs for ones that are warm tones of orange and yellow.   


A scattering of candles can also create warm, flickering light around the space, ideal for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Enhance cosiness with scent


Enhance the ambience of your bedroom with seasonal scents by creating your own fragrance diffusers. Simply reuse old glass jar and fill them with bamboo skewers for a budget-friendly option. Cardamon, cinnamon and cedarwood are lovely warming scents that are ideal for adding cosiness to your bedroom. 


Add more soft furnishings 


Embrace the cosiness and layer plush accents in your bedroom. Layer your bedding with soft throws and comfy cushions.  These soft blankets not only provide an extra layer of warmth but also infuse your bedroom with a welcoming charm.  


Colour psychology reveals that rich, warm tones are best for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Opt for varying tones of browns, oranges and yellows to enhance the warmth in your room.

Warm materials such as bouclé and wool are perfect for colder months. If you have bare floors, consider adding a rug or two, which can also add warmth to the space. 

Matthew Currington, Technical Director
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