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When babies are tiny and new, you want to keep them close when they rest and sleep in

safety & comfort.

Stokke, the Scandinavian maker of premium children’s products, has reimagined the bassinet concept with the new Stokke® Snoozi™. A cosy sleep solution that keeps your baby near in every room of your home, or when you are on the move. The Stokke® Snoozi™ bassinet is a dreamy place for newborns to rest, nap and sleep and will be available in two timeless shades to suit any décor.


Newborns generally sleep between 14 - 17 hours a day. Sleep is essential for a baby's development, from cognition to physical growth. For the first 6 months, the bassinet is used in the high newborn position, to keep your baby close. When babies can pull themselves up, the mattress can be lowered, and the bassinet can be used up until 9 months.


The soft oval shape gives a sense of security, while the innovative 3D mesh material ensures both breathability and shade from the light. The included premium mattress is both firm and breathable for a sound sleep. Breathability is important because it ensures optimal airflow for the baby to maintain a comfortable temperature. A firm mattress core aids in baby’s healthy development and offers resistance when babies start to move.

Designed with high quality materials, including FCS®-certified wooden legs and a strong aluminium frame, the Stokke® Snoozi™ bassinet only weighs 7,5 kg, making it lightweight, yet sturdy and easy to move to every room of your home. 

Stokke® Snoozi™ is easy to assemble in just a few minutes without the use of tools, which makes it suitable for families on the move. The optional bag stores all parts neatly and makes traveling and sleep-overs easy for active families on the move. Available accessories include a set of fitted sheets, a protection sheet and a bag.

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