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Fast-acting draught-proofing tools to keep homes warm during a cold snap


Chimney Sheep Ltd has a range of sustainable draught-proofing tools which act as the perfect quick fixes to keep households during cold snaps. The simple energy-saving measures help consumers retrofit their homes easily, contributing to a reduction in energy bills and making homes more energy efficient. Easy to install and remove as needed, they are ideal to have to hand for periods of unexpected cold weather. Rather than using synthetic materials, the draught-proofing range by Chimney Sheep utilises the naturally insulating properties of wool to plug leaky gaps within a property and prevent draughts. 

Covering all draught-proofing measures, the range includes door draught excluders, wool gap filler, door and window draught seal tape, rugs and a fireplace draught excluder. Each item will works alongside the company’s best-selling chimney draught excluder, the Chimney Sheep®, or can be used on its own. 

Using a range of draught-proofing measures in a property is also a quick and simple way for consumers to save money on household energy bills. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a property more energy efficient with a small payback timeframe. A Chimney Sheep® can save the average household £96 per year (based on the Energy Price Cap of £1,928) whilst draught-proofing doors and windows can save £60 per year, according to the Energy Savings Trust. As well as saving money on heating bills, it makes a home feel warmer and reduces wind noise caused by draughts. 


The sustainable draught-proofing range from Chimney Sheep includes: 

Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluder 


A Chimney Sheep® is a chimney draught excluder made of Herdwick wool. It is designed to be inserted into open chimney flues and can be removed as and when a fire is lit. The simple device works to reduce draughts by blocking 93% of airflow and allowing for sufficient ventilation. This helps to ensure households are heated efficiently saving consumers over 5% on their household energy bills. This equates to a saving of £98 (based on the Energy Price Cap of £1,928) for the average household based on the current Ofgem price cap. The naturally occurring properties of Herdwick wool makes the Chimney Sheep® highly durable, breathable and malleable – perfect to plug the gap just above the fireplace. The product works to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney and stopping cold air from coming in via other leaky parts of a building and the chimney when not in use, reducing the ‘stack effect’ phenomenon. Each product has a clamp and handle attached to it which makes it easy and convenient to insert and remove as needed.


Prices start from £18.00. They are available to buy from

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Fireplace Draught Excluder 


Chimney Sheep's full Fireplace Draught Excluder offers an alternative way to draught-proof a chimney when not in use. 


Designed to attach to the front of cast iron fireplaces, the magnetic cover keeps the heat inside a property and cold draughts out! It is easy to install across gas, electric and traditional fireplaces - and a stylish feature for the fireplace. The magnetic system means that it can simply be removed when the fireplace is in use. Each Fireplace Draught Excluder is made of three layers - a sustainable organic cotton outer layer an insulating centre layer made of 100% wool wadding and a protective inner layer. 


It currently comes in two sizes with prices start from £40 and is available to buy from

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Door Draught Excluder 


The Chimney Sheep door draught excluder works to stop draughts from entering indoors through the gap at the bottom of the door, acting as an effective barrier. Designed to fit most door frames, the door draught excluder is slightly bigger and more robust than the usual standard door draught excluders measuring 90cm x 30cm x 15cm. The weighted design allows the cushions to stay firmly in place, ensuring that they work effectively to help make a home more energy efficient. Each draught excluder is handmade at the Chimney Sheep factory in Cumbria and is filled with washed Herdwick wool from the Lake District which also helps to insulate a room.  


The Chimney Sheep door draught excluder is available in two different cover types – an organic cotton cover (available in blue, oatmeal, olive, blue floral and white floral), and a unique hessian cover made from recycled coffee sacks.


Prices for the door draught excluders start from £36.00. They are available to buy from

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Wool Draught Seal Tape for Doors & Windows 


The Chimney Sheep wool draught seal tape for doors and windows is a self-adhesive wool tape. It is designed to be placed over small gaps and cracks found in windows and doors that let cold air into a property. It will also prevent warm air from escaping a property. Consumers using this tape will make a home feel cosier, will make it more energy efficient and help to reduce energy bills. The tape is made of 100% British wool and is sold in 5m lengths.  


The price for the draught seal tape is £7.50. It is available to buy from

Wool Gap Filler 


The Chimney Sheep wool gap-filler is a sustainable alternative to traditional foam gap filler. It can be used to fill any gaps letting in draughts around a property. It works particularly well to insulate cavities, gaps and cracks around doors, windows, joists and roof frames. It can also help with sound insulation. Sold in 2m lengths and made of 100% moth-proof wool, the natural insulating properties of the fibres help to make homes feel warmer and more comfortable. It also helps to make a property more energy efficient which in turn reduces energy bills.  


The price of the wool gap filler is £10.50. It is available to buy from

A useful bit of insulation  


The Chimney Sheep box of ‘A useful bit of insulation’ is a multi-use product that can be used to fill most gaps and cracks in a property letting in draughts. Made of 100% wool and 100% moth proof, the section of insulation can be cut to size as required.  The insulation is also an effective sound insulation. 


This insulation is available in 500g, 1kg and 2.5kg boxes. Prices for the insulation start from £10.50. Boxes can be purchased from

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The T’yan Wool Rug 


Made of 100% wool, the Chimney Sheep® T’yan Wool Rugs is a great way of draught-proofing a wooden floor. Wooden floors often have gaps and that can often let in cold air. By placing this rug over the gaps, those cold draughts can be stopped, helping to keep a home cosier and more comfortable.  


Each T'yan Wool Rug is hand-woven using two types of wool – Herdwick and Texel  – sourced from UK farms, each rug is sustainable and synthetic fibre free. With the stunning naturally occurring grey shades of the undyed Herdwick wool and the softness of fine Texel wool, the unique hand-woven rugs will sit perfectly in any home  


The rugs are available in various sizes. They are available to buy via

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