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2024 Bathroom Trends, 6 Leading Predictions From Lusso

Whether you're diving into a comprehensive bathroom makeover or making some tweaks to revitalise your space for the upcoming year, get ahead of the latest trends in bathroom design for 2024, straight from the expert. 

Anticipate a fusion of opulence, eco-consciousness, vintage inspirations, and distinctive materials, with a greater emphasis on wellbeing.

Mike Whitfield, bathroom interiors expert at Lusso shares his predictions for bathroom trends set to make a splash in 2024.

Image credit: Lusso
  1. Metallic mix up

Mike said: “Earlier in the year Pinterest predicted ‘hot metals’ to become mainstream in fashion however metals are set to take centre stage as statement accessories in contemporary bathroom design too¹. Elevated beyond their utilitarian roles as taps and shower sets, metals such as brushed brass and bold chrome emerge as key players in defining the aesthetic of the space. This trend not only embraces functionality but also celebrates the visual impact of metallic finishes. Brushed brass exudes a subtle warmth, while bold chrome adds a touch of modern sophistication. Expect these metals to gain popularity, seamlessly intertwining functionality with aesthetics.”

Image credit: Lusso

  2. Kitsch kleanscapes

Mike said: “This playful and mood-boosting ‘trend effortlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary flair and will extend beyond the ‘kitschen’ where Pinterest predicts the trend to have begun. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and eclectic aesthetic of the 70s, this trend features dopamine-inducing decor with kitsch colours, prints, and shapes that evoke a sense of joy and whimsy. Vintage furniture adds a nostalgic touch, while colourful concrete elements contribute to the overall retro vibe. The palette is a celebration of mood-lifting hues, creating a lively atmosphere. Embrace this trend to infuse your bathroom with a burst of energy and a nod to the carefree spirit of the past.”

Copy of Palace Square 56.jpg
Image credit: Celine Da Silva & Chris Snook Photography

  3. Modest modernism

Mike adds: “Simplicity meets sophistication in this trend that embodies the understated elegance of ‘Minimaluxe.’ This style seamlessly combines the clean lines of Japandi simplicity with opulent materials, creating a harmonious balance between minimalism and luxury. Picture a space adorned with muted shades, where a subtle palette sets the tone for tranquillity. Refined yet pared-back furnishings contribute to the overall sense of simplicity, creating an environment that exudes a timeless and sophisticated appeal.”

Image credit: Lusso

  4. Mindful living

Mike comments: “This bathroom trend offers an eco-conscious alternative to fast furniture, promoting sustainability in every element. Rooted in the ethos of responsible design, this trend champions timeless aesthetics crafted from sustainable materials, building a connection between functionality and environmental consciousness. Natural materials take centre stage, creating a tranquil and earthy ambience. The trend extends beyond aesthetics to incorporate resource-saving appliances in unexpected features like motion sensor taps and rimless toilets to seamlessly blend form and function while reducing environmental impact.” 

Copy of Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 13.29.09.png
Image credit: Claire Moran Designs | @claire.moran.designs

  5. Spathroom

Mike adds: “This year the daily ritual of shower time is set to undergo a luxurious transformation. Fueled by soaring demand for wellness aesthetics, this trend transcends traditional bathroom concepts, marking a shift towards bathrooms as not just functional spaces but immersive sensory experiences. The ‘Spathroom’ trend introduces enclosed steam showers and invigorating cold plunges, turning your bathroom into a haven for both relaxation and rejuvenation.”

Image credit: Lusso

  6. Resin realisation

Mike comments: “Creativity takes centre stage through the introduction of unexpected colours and textures with the use of resin. Perfect for open-concept spaces, this trend brings forth a dramatic design, breaking away from traditional materials. In fact, ‘freestanding resin bath’ has seen a 75% increase in searches on Google over the last year. Resin, once reserved for interior accessories, has now seamlessly integrated into the bathroom space, proving its popularity over the past 12 months. Embrace the versatility of resin to add a touch of the unconventional, introducing unique colours and textures that redefine the aesthetics of your bathroom.”

To browse the latest bathroom trends, head to Lusso.

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