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Brits scared to let nature call, avoiding public toilets at all costs

London – Data released today from the expert in toilet cleaning, Bloo, reveals that 8 in 10 Brits would rather hold it in than use a public toilet, with some going to extra lengths including ‘hovering’ over the toilet (52%) or wiping the seat down (46%) if they absolutely have to go.  


With the research also revealing that more than half (54%) are actively worried about needing to go when they are away from the comfort of their own home.  It’s no wonder people want to avoid, as unflushed toilets, unpleasant smells and mysterious stains on walls are some of the vilest things Brits face while using facilities away from the home. 


To put the stats to the test, Bloo has teamed up with TikTok stars, Cal (@Thatonecal) and Therese Ryan (@Thereseryan12) to rate the UK’s best and worst public toilets across the country. Asking the mum & son duo to score toilets out of 10, Cal and Terese scoured the UK’s public toilet game covering areas such as Milton Keynes, London and Birmingham. The best rated toilet was the Shard in London and the worst, Blackpool. 

Whilst the Shard came out on top for the Ryans’, the research, commissioned by leading toilet cleaning brand, Bloo, found those in the Northeast believe they have the worst toilets in the UK (61%), and Londoners were not far behind (58%). However, Scots are the most content with their options – with 44 per cent considering their local facilities clean.   


Furthermore, people don’t have much faith in others, with more than 6 in 10 (61%) not trusting other people’s hygiene. As almost 60% of people consider the toilets dirty, some even admit to wrapping hands in toilet roll to avoid touching surfaces or even doing their business whilst holding their bag rather than putting it down.  

It’s no surprise we feel our public toilets are dirty, with the research revealing 21% believe toilets in their local area are cleaned a maximum of just once a week. Top ways the facilities can be improved include having more of a regular cleaning schedule, touch free technology and nice smells from the addition of products such as rim blocks. 

When it comes to toilets in our own home, 46% clean their bathroom multiple times a week, with each scrub taking 15 minutes on average, with 84% making sure it’s at its cleanest when guests are around.  

Halil Dogan, Brand Manager at Bloo said: “With our research showing so many clean their own bathroom multiple times a week, it is no wonder adults are avoiding public loos altogether with issues such as bad smells and poor cleanliness. With over a third (34%) admitting they would be more inclined to leave a toilet dirty if they were to find it unclean in the first place, we challenged Cal & Therese to track down the best and worst of them all and transform the ones that really needed it with the help of Bloo.  


Halil added: “Small changes in public toilets up and down the country would make a big difference. With 52% citing bad smells as their biggest bug bear, simple things like introducing indulgent, relaxing scents can make the worst of toilets far more appealing. Bloo’s newest product, Spa Moment Rim Blocks, offers a blend of essential oils, creating a relaxing and long-lasting scent experience – helping to combat the toilet dread and transform even the worst of public loos into a personal sanctuary.”  

Better Retailing

Tik Tok influencer, Callum Ryan, said “People really hate public toilets, and I think they are especially bad in the UK compared to other countries! But we wanted to find out where the absolute best and worst loos were in the UK. Our mission didn’t disappoint with some absolutely foul toilets, but also some hidden gems. Our goal was to ‘Bloo that loo’ making even the worst ones more acceptable and adding finishing touches to the ones that deserved praise!”  

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