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The best London interiors / case studies

Retro-inspired decor has seen a major comeback in recent years. Taking reference from the past and incorporating playful decor into the home is a guaranteed way to add character and depth. And while retro decor can create a vibrant and dynamic scheme, it can also risk looking outdated.


Black and Milk was appointed by a modern family with two young children to create an interior design scheme for their new house in Primrose Hill. The Victorian semi-detached property was recently fully refurbished by a property developer, but the interior was unwelcoming and plain. Black and Milk was assigned to develop and install a tailored cosy design scheme to the existing interior.

fitzroy a.png

With a keen eye for perfection and detail, the client entrusted the team with specific requirements that needed to be implemented. As the couple are both working professionals, the timeline of the project was to be kept tight and completed before Christmas.


A creative challenge was brought to light by the client during the briefing stage as there were many furniture items that would need to be cunningly implemented into the scheme. One of the items was a traditional Chinese rug, set within the living room. It was one of the client’s favourite vintage purchases that they would like to incorporate into the interior design scheme. Black and Milk took this as a creative challenge and the elaborate Chinese rug set the town for the choices of fabrics picked within the living room scheme and birthed the design choices and selections of vintage pieces.


Whilst the interior was developed by the architect with a modern frame, the interior design scheme is transitional in style with a contemporary base layered with mid-century inspired curves and warm finishes, juxtaposed with a vintage collection, instilling within the interior both character and the client’s personality. A key focus on the spatial design was taken into consideration within the living room. The space was split into two areas but also allowed for the furniture to serve as conversation pits.

Fitzroy Luxury Residential apartment in Primrose Hill, London-12.png

Whilst the bench creates a soft divide between the seating areas, it also anchors the room and acts as a multifunctional piece that allows for conversations to take place on either side. Other notable areas which accommodated the clients existing furniture pieces was the master bedroom. The client wanted to incorporate their king size bed along with bedside tables and their armchair.

Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 2.40.04 PM.png



Located in the heart of Notting Hill, Black and Milk were appointed by an international client to transform their London home. This spacious three-bedroom apartment is set within an Art Deco building that was designed by Stiff + Trevillion Architects. The development won “Best Development in the UK/Europe” by the International Design and Architecture Awards in 2015.


With a major background in the arts, the client brief entailed specific requirements that needed to be implemented within the interior design scheme that would provide her with both a creative space and a cosy, luxurious home for her to reside in during her visits to London. An intelligent spatial design was implemented through precise spatial planning, redefining the living and dining area to allow for a variety of functions whilst also ensuring fluidity with the interior design of the space. Notable design points include a large magnetic wall installed opposite the dining table that acts as an intelligent pin-up board wall and a gallery art light to display artwork. Bespoke joinery was explicitly designed to accommodate the client's art mediums including paints, brushes and large canvases.

Westbourne House Apartment project - luxurious interior-5.png
Westbourne House Apartment project - luxurious interior-8.png

Having a love for British Architecture, one of the client’s specific requests was to create an area in which she could enjoy her morning coffee whilst admiring the beautiful London facades opposite her apartment. A bespoke bar was created with wheels, acting as both a bar and creative space cleverly input by the window. Within the living area, another one of the requirements was for the space to accommodate a small ‘gym’ area. A slatted wall was introduced within the interior design to create an illusion of separation without making the space claustrophobic. A bronzed mirror was also added to the area to enrich and enlarge the design. The master bedroom en-suite was completely stripped out, and all finishes and sanitaryware were installed to remain cohesive with the rest of the apartment's minimal and modern design.

Westbourne House Apartment project - luxurious interior-13.png
Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 3.04.02 PM.png
Images by Black&Milk

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