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6 steps to instantly elevate your bedside table 

Bedside tables are having their moment, with views for #bedsidetable hitting 133 million on TikTok, and #bedsidetabletour reaching 13 million views. Whilst bedside drawers often don’t receive much attention, they can play a key role in bringing your bedroom aesthetic together.  


To help upgrade your bedside table game this year, M&S Home Insider – James Rotheram – shares six styling steps.  

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1. Consider your available space 


When it comes to furniture of any kind, the first step is to consider the amount of space available. 


James advises: “If you’re looking for new bedside furniture for your bedroom, make sure you gauge how much space you have available. 


“If your bedroom is fairly small, narrow bedside tables, ones with an open shelf, or one-drawer bedside tables can help to create the illusion of more space. You’d want to keep the space as airy as possible – even a side table or stool can make great beside table options.”  


“For a larger space, opt for a statement bedside cabinet or drawers so that you can neatly tuck your items away.” 

2. Mix your materials 


If you want to refresh your bedroom, add texture by mixing and matching materials, of new and old pieces... 


James explains: “If you want to steer away from having a perfectly cohesive furniture set for your bedroom, choose to mix and match different textures. Combining varied or clashing styles and items can elevate and lift your space if done well.”  


“As an example, if you have a metal bed frame, complement this with wooden bedside tables. Alternatively, if your room already holds dark wooden furniture, contrasting this with some Scandi-style light wood will look contemporary and fresh. 


“Another fun combination would be a mid-century style bedside table next to a brightly coloured velvet headboard. Adding items that aren’ttypically paired together is one of the easiest ways to bring some playfulness to your bedroom.” 

3. Clear the clutter 


Once you’ve settled on the set up, make sure you keep your bedside table neat and tidy. 

James says: “Giving an existing bedside table a ‘glow up’ often begins with tidying away clutter and considering functionality. Whilst your bedroom should have playful touches and decorative items, don’t overload your bedside tabletop. Limit your items to four or five pieces and add a small trinket box to organise all your essential items.


“If you like to keep lots of items close to your bed, choose bedside drawers which can neatly tuck these away. Another simple storage solution is to add a small basket underneath – just make sure to avoid overfilling this to keep the space looking tidy.” 

MS Plant.png

4. Bring the outdoors in 


Whilst plants have a place in all areas of the home, adding a small houseplant to a bedside table can add a touch of zen to your bedroom. 


James adds: “Adding a small houseplant or bloom of flowers is always a good final touch. As a general rule of thumb, you should always aim to introduce three different heights on a bedside table for professional level styling.”  


“A plant can help bring some added height and interest, sitting alongside your smaller style items. Not only does this look good but will also help create the sense of calm that we desire in our bedrooms.” 

5.  Create a cosy glow 


A bedside cabinet is the perfect spot for additional, warm lighting to keep your bedroom feeling cosy. 


James suggests: “Adding lamps onto your beside tables is a practical way to add lighting to your room. They should take centre stage to add a warm and relaxing ambience, while adding statement in height, shape, pattern or colour.  


“If your room is full of neutral creams or soft shades of green, I’d recommend trying a table lamp with a boldly coloured lamp shade to add the perfect stylistic touch. Burnt oranges, deep yellows and reds are all great options for adding warmth to a bedroom. 

“As for the size of the table lamp, if your space allows, an oversized lamp can look especially impactful. Paired with dark and deep colour palettes, this can bring an added touch of drama. If your bedside table is on the smaller side, I’d recommend choosing a table lamp that is tall and slim, reducing the amount of space it requires. However, if you have opted for a smaller side table you could install wall lights to help maximise space available on the side table.” 

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6. Add a personal touch 


Complete your room with a touch of decorative or sentimental items. 


James explains: “One of my favourite elements of  interior design is adding personal touches. If you keep the top of your bedside table too empty, you run the risk of it looking slightly sterile. Adding a handful of personal items - big or small - can be the easiest way to take your style that extra mile.” 


“Items like hardback books with bright, colourful covers and spines are a great starting point. Other ideas include small trinket dishes to hold everyday jewellery, a candle and interesting paper weights.”

James Rotheram, Home Insider
All Images by Marks & Spencer

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