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John D Wood & Co. Sponsor Bug House Initiative in London’s Prestigious Royal Borough

Prime estate agent John D Wood & Co. is taking a proactive step towards environmental sustainability by sponsoring the creation and installation of a bug house in the prestigious Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Bug House Initiative2.jpeg

Bug houses, also known as insect hotels, serve as havens for beneficial insects, playing a vital role in promoting biodiversity and ecological balance.

John D Wood & Co.'s sponsorship of this initiative aligns with their commitment to being rooted in thriving and sustainable communities, and increasing efforts to safeguard the earth’s environment for future generations to enjoy.

The bug house, strategically placed in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, is designed to attract a diverse range of beneficial insects, including pollinators like solitary bees, ladybugs, lacewings, and beetles. Designed with a combination of natural materials such as wood and bamboo, the bug house embodies sustainability.

"We believe that our responsibility extends beyond the properties we represent. Sponsoring the creation of a bug house in Chelsea is a meaningful way for us to support biodiversity and bring attention to the importance of environmental stewardship." says Jimmy Waight, Head of Sales at John D Wood & Co.

John D Wood & Co. were one of the first in the industry to move to a fully electric fleet of company cars.

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For further information, please contact: 

Lianne Scott, Public Relations Manager 
07395 248874

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