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Renowned for beautiful glassware and tableware fit for every occasion, Villeroy & Boch have shared five top tips to help you with your table decorations this year…


Add some texture to your table with a tablecloth or table runner


It’s not every day that you get to use your beautiful tablecloth or table runner, but now is the time.  A tablecloth or runner makes any dining experience even more special, and even a simple white cloth can set the tableware off. Match your tableware to your runner or tablecloth, our Rose Garden Gobelin runner is perfect as it matches with our recommended dining set. 


Forget a big centerpiece, flowers are as efficient and add a touch of colour.


If you’re not a fan of big centerpieces, a simple yet elegant way of dressing your table is by using flowers. Not only does it bring an added touch of colour to your table and complement your tableware, but flowers can also bring a touch of elegance. The perfect springtime flower for an Easter centerpiece is of course tulips!  Tulips come in a huge choice of colours, so you can match them with your tableware, or can choose a bright colour to offset a white table setting. 


Candles are essential for creating ambience and adding a romantic feel to your meal


If your Easter celebration is planned for the evening, there’s nothing as special as lighting candles to add a touch of magic and sophistication. Choose a colour that complements your table setting and opt for variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If you want to go for an elegant and sophisticated theme throughout, choose simple, traditional candlesticks, or tealight candles. 


By using simple candlesticks or tealight candles, you can afford to go a bit more out there for your candle holder!  It’s also great fun to match your tableware with table decorations, such as the Rose Garden  Home Tealight holder. Simple, elegant and effective! 


The most important of them all…the tableware! You couldn’t eat without.


The first step in any beautiful table is of course the tableware itself. As it’s Easter, you can bring the feeling of Spring straight onto your plates as it will brighten everything up. 


The Rose Garden collection from Villeroy & Boch is great for this and offers a modern and sophisticated feel to any Easter table. The porcelain of Rose Garden combines items with a floral decor in graduated hues of pink and lilac with single-colour items in soft pink or pure white. With delicate watercolour shades, intricate lines and clear shape, Rose Garden creates a modern and romantic atmosphere in the home. 

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