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TV Inspired Interiors in Home Renovations

As far as interiors inspiration goes, more and more people are looking to their favourite TV shows to incorporate design which is seeing the rise of ‘Old Money’ interiors and ‘Regency Core’.


Bridgerton and the rise of ‘Regency Core’

The show is firmly back on our screens in Spring and a look towards interior design trends suggests many people are turning to panelling to add character to a property, much of it totally done DIY, using neutral colours and pastels to change the whole feel of a room - inspired by Bridgerton.


Regencycore has been having a moment in fashion and the home for the past year, thanks to the success of Bridgertons first two seasons and other turn-of-the-century series like HBO Max’s The Gilded Age. More and more people are mixing design elements with more contemporary pieces for a balanced and timeless home look.

A case study from Black & Milk to showcase this is  regency core detailing but in a modern context can be seen in this Hampstead Edwardian Townhouse of theirs:

Edwardian Townhouse in Hampstead, London-13.png
Edwardian Townhouse in Hampstead, London-4.png
Edwardian Townhouse in Hampstead, London-3.png
Edwardian Townhouse in Hampstead, London-12.png

BBC’s The Traitors and Scottish design

With the show set in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, there are many ways clients are now incorporating a Scottish personality and heritage intact in their homes, such as by utilizing traditional materials and patterns. One of the most iconic elements of Scottish culture is tartan, which was historically used to distinguish between different clans and regions. Each tartan has its own unique pattern and color scheme, representing the identity of the clan or region it belongs to. 


This is channeling the recent trend of ‘Old Money’ / ‘Quiet Luxury’ interiors as seen in this Highgate Home, Talbot, from Black & Milk.

pasted image 0.png

The Black and Milk team was invited to work on this exceptional family semidetached Edwardian home within Highgate. During the pandemic, the family re-developed the interior scheme of their property, but they felt it was very cold and lacked warmth. While the structural aspects of the property were maintained, Black and Milk took a strategic approach to working with the existing canvas and implementing innovative ideas that would provide the family home with an abode that oozed Cosy Luxury interior design and warmth.

The project's narrative is one of the most interesting ones in our portfolio. Our main objective was to ensure that the Scottish family's personality was infused throughout the property and tailored towards their lifestyle, most notably allowing the new design to work cohesively with the existing canvas. Great importance was placed on the overall lighting scheme, and interior spatial design was considered when renovating the semidetached house. Minor structural changes were made within the home to provide better functionality and use of the space.

 Talbot Residence.jpg
 Talbot Residence3.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 2.00_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 1.21_edited.jpg

Other key trends on 2024’s agenda include ‘Bookshelf’ Wealth (not TV related) - as seen here in Black&Milk’s Fitzroy Luxury Residence:

Fitzroy Luxury Residential apartment in Primrose Hill, London-11.png

Black and Milk was appointed by a modern family with two young children to create an interior design scheme for their new house in Primrose Hill. The Victorian semi-detached property was recently fully refurbished by a property developer, but the interior was unwelcoming and plain. Black and Milk was assigned to develop and install a tailored cosy design scheme to the existing interior. With a keen eye for perfection and detail, the client intrusted the team with specific requirements that needed to be implemented. As the couple are both working professionals, the timeline of the project was to be kept tight and completed before Christmas. A creative challenge was brought to light by the client during the briefing stage as there where many furniture items that would need to be cunningly implemented into the scheme. One of the items was a traditional Chinese rug, set within the living room. It was one of the client’s favourite vintage purchases that they would like to incorporate into the interior design scheme. Black and Milk took this as a creative challenge and the elaborate Chinese rug set the town for the choices of fabrics picked within the living room scheme and birthed the design choices and selections of vintage pieces.

Fitzroy Luxury Residential apartment in Primrose Hill, London-1.png
Fitzroy Luxury Residential apartment in Primrose Hill, London-12.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 2.15_edited.jpg

Whilst the interior was developed by the architect with a modern frame, the interior design scheme is transitional in style with a contemporary base layered with mid-century inspired curves and warm finishes, juxtaposed with a vintage collection, instilling within the interior both character and the client’s personality.

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