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Air For Life CEO Jay Vitale Shares Expert Tips to Combat Mould in Homes

"Campaigners have demanded reforms after two-year-old Awaab Ishak died from mould exposure at his Rochdale home in 2020. 

The proposals would see new time limits set for repairs to unsafe homes. 

Housing Secretary Michael Gove said the "strong, robust action" would help

"prevent tragedies".

Known as Awaab's Law, the proposed legal changes would force landlords in England to investigate issues within two weeks, and begin repairs within a further seven days."


With the news today with the call to action to force landlords to tackle mouldy homes, some tips and tricks to keep on top of mould in the home from Jay Vitale, CEO, Air For Life.

  1. Window Sills: Condensation can build up, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould. Wipe them down regularly!

  2. Bathroom: Keep an eye on those damp areas – showers, under the sink, and around taps. Ventilate well to reduce moisture.

  3. Basement: A notorious hiding spot for mould. Check corners, walls, and any areas prone to dampness.

  4. Attic: Inspect for leaks and poor ventilation. Proper airflow is crucial to keep mould at bay.

  5. Dark corners: Often neglected but a common mould haven. Ensure good ventilation and address any water leaks promptly.

  6. Kitchen: Look behind appliances and under sinks. Clean up spills promptly to avoid moisture buildup.

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Jay Vitale, CEO
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