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Why do you get bored of your home interiors so quickly?

How to bore-proof your interiors

A new survey from 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains revealed that Brits redecorate their homes every 3 years on average.

When 1 in 3 people struggle to balance taste with budget, how can we continue to keep our interiors interesting and can you fall in love with what you already have?

Amy Wilson, BBC interior design masters contestant and interior designer at 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains has shared her insight on why we get bored of our home interiors so quickly and 6 ways we can be more mindful about following trends

Amy Wilson

1. Are you suffering from social media overload?

“For a lot of people, social media exposes us to incredible interiors daily, in fact over half of Brits look to social media for interior inspiration*. Whilst it can be a great resource, be mindful of trends and passing fads.

“Save images of interiors you love and take time to consider whether it will work in your own home. As a rule of thumb, mull the decision over for at least two months before jumping to make any significant changes.”

2. You don’t understand how you want to live


“Before deciding how to decorate a space you need to understand how you want to live in it. Get the practical planning out the way first to figure out where you want to relax, when you might need shutters or blinds for more privacy from your neighbours, where the light is best and which walls require sprucing up.

“By understanding how you exist in a space you can choose interiors that work for the way you live and you won’t need to change things so regularly. You’ll notice that blank wall that could do with some artwork or a cosy nook that is desperate for an armchair.”

247 Curtains - Why do you get bored of your home interiors so quickly-3.png
247 Curtains

3. You don’t switch up your interiors seasonally

“Switching up your style seasonally might sound OTT however the concept originated from need. For example, living room curtains would be significantly heavier in the winter to keep the heat in and you might bring in lighter linen or cotton fabrics in the summer.

“This works nowadays too. Bring in cosy, snuggly accessories in the winter months and in spring make sure there are plenty of fresh flowers in the house. Switching out inexpensive seasonal elements will keep your space feeling exciting all year round.”

4. Don’t just opt for function, you need frivolity too

“Interiors that serve a purpose are important, but having a home that brings you joy is even more so. If you love a piece of furniture, a fabric pattern or a wall colour- go for it. Don’t be put off just because it isn’t the sensible, practical option. Choosing the frivolous and beautiful option once in a while will keep your interiors feeling fresh.”

247 Curtains - Why do you get bored of your home interiors so quickly-5.png
247 Curtains

5. Nothing needs to be forever so be brave

“How many of us are guilty of going for the safe option? The timeless colour or the pattern that goes with everything. Whilst this might seem like you’ll like it forever, it does get boring so there is no surprise that we fall out of love fast. Have fun with your interiors and be brave- you might find yourself enjoying it for longer than you might expect.”

6. Collect your interiors, don’t shop for them

“Strictly speaking, this has more to do with mindset than it does with shopping. Rather than setting out to update your interiors all at once you should treat your interior style like a long-term project. By collecting and curating a home, the pieces you choose will all have a story and will remind you of a different moment in your life. Your taste will inevitably change over time but avoiding updating it all in one go and collecting pieces over time will allow you to create a home you are less likely to get bored of.”

To find out more about to to create an authentic interior style, head to 247 Blinds.

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