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Interior designer and colour therapy expert shares why you shouldn’t be afraid to decorate with yellow

January and February are well known for being unforgiving months in the UK, with terms such as ‘January Blues’ or ‘Blue Monday’ filling the news agenda. Low moods and energy levels become particularly prevalent within these months.

We spend more time at home during this time of year, so it makes sense to optimise our interiors for positivity. That’s why the interior designer at 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains, Amy Wilson, has teamed up with Colour Therapy expert, Momtaz Begum-Hossain to share the best colour to decorate your home with to combat these effects.

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Image credit: 247 Curtains

Colour has energy

Explaining why it’s important to consider the effect colour has on us when decorating, Momtaz states: “Every colour is a light wavelength that radiates a particular energy. These energies make us feel a certain way which impacts our mood and emotions. When we spend time in a room we start to absorb the colour energy around us, which in turn affects our mood and emotions. That’s why it’s so important to be conscious of the colours that are in your home.

“Spaces that are too minimal with white walls and limited soft furnishings can feel stagnant with no energy flow. But you don’t need to paint your walls in rainbow colours to enjoy colour in your home”

Yellow is known for its mood-boosting qualities

Yellow has always been known as the ‘happy colour’, which is why it’s suggested that you should introduce it to your home’s colour palette if you’re keen to beat the blues.

Explaining yellow’s mood-boosting effect, Momtaz says: “This has a lot to do with yellow’s connection to the sun and sunlight which naturally promotes positivity. When you catch a glimpse of this happy shade during your day, you can’t help but feel a sense of hope.

“Historically and culturally yellow has great significance. The Ancient Egyptians revered yellow as it symbolised the sun and the sun gods they worshipped so they would often use it in their art”, she adds.


“A positive trait of yellow as well as boosting your mood is that it can help you make decisions. If you’re overwhelmed by choices, you may be lacking in yellow energy. Surround yourself with yellow soft furnishings at home to boost your decisiveness and focus.”

How to implement yellow features into your decor

To use this colour when decorating in your home, Amy shares: “Yellow is a colour that can be incorporated into most schemes thanks to the many shades available - from soft primrose to bright acid tones, there really is a yellow to suit every scheme. For the maximum dose of happiness go for the boldest yellow you can; a strong yellow will work equally well in a neutral pared back scheme as it will in a dark palette where the contrast will work perfectly.

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“Deeper and richer colours are an interior designer's secret weapon when looking to add depth and character to a space. It is important to consider contrasting colours when opting for a bold palette, so try pairing with natural shades or sage green for a clean, fresh and welcoming look.

“You can use both yellow and green in tandem to create a happy home that replicates the brighter seasons of spring and summer all year round. Carefully consider your lighting and other decorative elements like minimalist and natural made-to-measure curtains to suit such a statement colour.”

Yellow doesn’t have to be in your face, there are so many tones to choose from to create a peaceful space that's both bright and light.

“If you’d prefer a more subtle introduction of yellow, combining a softer lemon shade in a roman blind with a pair of white linen curtains in front would create a lovely gentle scene for a bedroom.” Says Amy.

Image credit: 247 Blinds
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