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How to incorporate the Kitsch trend into your flooring for 2024

Social media is an invaluable source of interior inspiration and according to Pinterest, this year is all about embracing the Kitsch design trend, especially when it comes to our kitchens.


In a move away from the pervasively popular minimal design aesthetic, the social media platform has seen a 75% increase in searches for ‘kitschy kitchen’.


Alex Heslop, Trend Expert from Flooring Superstore shares how you can embrace this ‘Kitschen’ trend when it comes to your flooring choices.


“Adding a dose of Kitsch to your home is all about incorporating colours, textures and quirky design features into your design aesthetic to achieve that ‘more is more’ look. When it comes to flooring, we’re seeing a move towards people embracing retro, playful flooring options as homeowners are looking to add more life and personality to their living spaces. Parquet is the perfect way to achieve that perfect mix of the traditional and contemporary – adding a throwback touch of kitsch to your living space, with a modern interpretation.


“The beauty of parquet as a flooring choice is both its hardwearing properties, whether you opt for hardwood, laminate or engineered wood, as well as the array of different versions of parquet design available. To truly embrace this maximalist trend, opt for smaller wooden planks for added interest and design detail.”


Get the look:

1. Perfect parquet

“When it comes to incorporating colour into your home choices, there really are no rules to follow. Go with the colour palette that sparks most joy, whether than be pastel colours, bright pinks, electric blues or vibrant greens. Anything which adds a touch of fun and nostalgia to your flooring, goes.


“Vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring choice for experimenting with wild and wonderful colours and designs. As well as it being versatile, durable, low-maintenance and cost effective – there are no end of design options to choose from – to suit every living space and sense of style.”


Get the look:

2. Don’t be afraid of colour

“Bold patterns and designs shouldn’t just be limited to your walls and soft furnishings. Making your floor the focal point by being adventurous with your design choices is a fantastic way to create the appearance of space and dimension in your home.


“A monochrome colour palette is a great way to make an impact if you’re nervous about embracing bright colours. Checkerboard patterns in particular add a retro revival look to your décor and can be styled with more bright and colourful rugs and soft furnishings.”

Get the look:

3. Be bold in your design
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