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The most impactful home viewing mistakes sellers make - according to property experts 

Both buying and selling a home comes with a unique set of stresses, but what unifies the experience is the fact that first impressions are everything, and it can be hard to come back from a bad first impression, especially in a fast moving

property market.    

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To make the process easier, and shed some light on where sellers may be going wrong David Wilson Homes conducted a study of 1,000 UK homeowners to discover the nation’s home buying ‘icks’ that sellers are unknowingly committing every day during viewings.  

David Wilson Homes internal property expert, Philippa Stewart, Sales Director for David Wilson Homes Northwest, has also shared her industry expertise and insight on how to manage and conduct a successful house viewing. 

"While it might seem obvious, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers can increase the likelihood of a potential sale. Creating a positive first impression is easily done with a smile and sets the tone for a pleasant viewing.  

“Engage in friendly conversation and get to know your potential buyer. Show interest in what they’re looking for in a home, and what might have attracted them to your property. 

 “A welcoming and friendly smile can help create a positive environment that allows potential buyers to feel more at ease and confident in their decisions."  

The biggest mistakes to avoid as a seller  

Opening your home for viewings can be a stressful and intrusive experience. To give you the best chance of selling your home, David Wilson Homes asked homeowners which small things have put them off during a viewing.    


Potential buyers only get to see your home for a small window of time, and minor issues that might seem trivial could leave a lasting impression. 93% of homeowners are put off by easily rectified small issues.  

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Of all the small things putting viewers off when purchasing a home, the smell of smoke and nicotine stains on the wall came out on top, with 40% of homebuyers put off by this. If you smoke in your home, try using an odour eliminator as a quick fix before viewings, and touch up the walls with fresh paint where needed. 


Over a third (35%) of buyers are put off by pet smells and hair, making cleaning and ensuring a fresh smell throughout the home even more important. Keeping pets out of the house for viewings, opening the windows and incorporating neutral scents throughout the home can improve the viewer’s experience. 

Another easy way to make house viewings comfortable is by putting the heating on when it’s cold, as a chilly home is unappealing to over a quarter of potential buyers.  


Alongside this, brightly coloured walls or patterned wallpaper also have the potential to deter buyers, with over one in 10 (10%) stating this is an important factor for them. If you can, it may be worth stripping back any statement design elements and opting for neutral colours. A quick lick of paint could be the key to landing an offer. 

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