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Housing Market

Walthamstow L&Q Shared Ownership Case Study

Name: Marcelo and Neil

Age: 46 and 43

Work: Freelancer in the arts and teacher

Type: 50% of two-bedroom Shared Ownership apartment (FMV: £502,000)

Service charge: £281

Rent: £398

Cycling enthusiasts Marcelo and Neil’s home buying journey began over two and a half years ago. After a lengthy search, the couple found their dream apartment at L&Q’s bike-friendly development, The Chain, which is located in the popular neighbourhood of Walthamstow, an area known for its extensive network of cycle lanes.

“Neil and I had previously been renting. Having been a tenant in London myself since moving here from New York in 2005, I’ve really lived the journey of rising rental costs and gentrification,” Marcelo explains. “I’ve lived in several East London neighbourhoods including Brick Lane, Stepney and Clapton, and have seen these areas become increasingly unaffordable over the years.” 

Eager to find a property to buy together, Marcelo and Neil began to view places in their desired East London locations. “We viewed a lot of older properties which needed a considerable amount of work doing to update them, which would have been incredibly costly for us. However, after visiting so many small and run-down places, it really shifted our expectations of what was achievable for us within our budget.”

“When I was previously living in Tottenham Hale, I got to know Walthamstow as it would be the place that we would visit to go out for dinner or to the cinema,”Marcelo adds. “The area has a really vibrant cultural scene, and as someone who works in the arts, this was incredibly appealing, but homes there just weren’t affordable.”


“Our Shared Ownership journey with L&Q has been life changing and we’re happy to tell others about it!”

Marcelo and Neil

Having spoken to a friend who had bought through Shared Ownership, Marcelo and Neil were recommended the scheme as an affordable route onto the property ladder, which would allow them to purchase a share of a newbuild home with a lower deposit.

“We were quite bias against newbuilds initially and bitter about it to be honest,” Marcelo comments, “we’d just assumed that the swanky newbuild developments would be unattainable for us. We had completely written it off as an option, until a friend prompted us and we came to view The Chain. As soon as we viewed, it felt like we had been guided to the right place – within 3 months, we had moved in!”

Reflecting on what convinced them that The Chain was the place for them, Marcelo says, “The building just looks and feels like quality and this was something we hadn’t seen in any of our house hunting. Plus, it’s bicycle themed and it was important to us to find somewhere we could be part of cycling culture and immediately we were impressed.”

“Once inside, the space in the flat was just beautiful. Before our viewing, we were able to see all the floor plan options and the brochure, which was gorgeously laid out and informative – my father was an Architect, so I’ve always been really into floor plans! The open-plan living spaces were spacious and filled with light, and really suitable for our needs – we co-parent a little boy and in the future we will need more space for our growing family. The second bedroom was a generous size for us to use as an office studio and his bedroom when he comes to stay.”


Marcelo and Neil put down a deposit to secure a 50% of two-bedroom Shared Ownership apartment (FMV: £502,000) at The Chain.

With their new life in Walthamstow taking shape, Marcelo and Neil have had time to begin exploring the vibrant and well-connected London neighbourhood which they now call home. Marcelo says, “The River Lea has been an important artery throughout my life in London, and I was keen to move somewhere where I could still easily access green spaces and the river. We now have the Walthamstow Wetlands on the doorstep and getting to Hackney marshes is easy too.”


“Plus, the high street has been nicely redeveloped in recent years and we’ve had friends move here too, so it’s really got everything for us. Our friends who recommended L&Q are moving in just three floors below us at The Chain – we always wanted to live somewhere where we felt fully integrated into the local community.”

Having completed on their new home just three months after their first viewing, Marcelo reflects on the couple’s experience as first-time buyers. “Our Shared Ownership journey with L&Q has been life changing and we’re happy to tell others about it!” Marelo says. “We never thought the newbuild development was the route for us, but we’ve been proven wrong and have found an amazing flat in a fantastic area.”

The Chain

“Many people don’t realise what is possible through Shared Ownership - buying a home is such a huge life milestone and really has the power to alter your whole sense of self and your ambitions, which it certainly has done for us.”

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